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Biggest Palladium Deposits Discovered in Philippines

By admin On November 28, 2014 No Comments

NASA, together with USGS, (United States Geological Survey), released a 3-year study report detailing the 8,450 square kilometer palladium deposits lying below the seas of Visayan, Sibuyan, and Tablas Strait.

Current biggest producer of Palladium is Russia with 44%, followed by Africa with 40%, and the rest are from Canada and US.

If the Philippine government allows foreign investors to dig and mine the palladium deposits, the country can expect around $9.8B a year in net profit, report said.

USGS estimated that the whole deposit is 2% bigger than that of Russia with a total volume of around 3.8 million metric tons.

Current price of processed 99.9 carats of palladium is $24,570 per kilogram. The total estimated price for the whole deposit is $93B, or 410 trillion PHP.

Palladium is one of the most precious and rare metals used in jewelries, electronics, and automotive mainly in catalytic converters.

Aside from the discovery of palladium, other mineral

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Russia reduces gas exports to Poland

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Russia’s gas supplies to Poland have dropped by 45%, Poland’s state gas firm PGNiG says, amid tensions over Ukraine.

The news came just hours after Poland stopped providing gas to Ukraine through “reverse-flow” pipelines.

The Russian gas volumes were 24% lower on Tuesday and 20% lower on Monday, according to PGNiG. That shortfall prompted Poland to halt reverse-flow.

Poland and Ukraine rely heavily on Russian natural gas. Russia is in a pricing dispute over gas with Ukraine.

Some analysts believe Russia, which stopped gas supplies to Ukraine in June over the pricing dispute, is punishing Poland for sending gas to Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces have been fighting pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine since April, after the separatists declared independence in two regions.

Russia has denied arming the rebels and sending soldiers across the border.

On Wednesday Russia’s state gas monopoly Gazprom denied Poland’s allegation that it had reduced gas supplies.

“Currently exactly the same volume of gas

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Ladies’ Code singer Rise dies four days crash

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A second member of South Korean pop group Ladies’ Code has died, four days after the vehicle they were travelling in crashed near Seoul.

Kwon Ri-sae, known as Rise, died in hospital at the age of 23 on Sunday.

She had been unconscious after emergency brain surgery following Wednesday’s accident, a spokesperson from Polaris Entertainment said.

The funeral of EunB took place in Seoul on Friday

Her death follows that of 22-year-old bandmate Go Eun-bi, better known as EunB, who died shortly after the crash.

The five-member group made their debut in 2013 and released their latest single Kiss Kiss last month.

One other member of Ladies’ Code fractured her jaw and two had minor injuries and were treated for shock.

Police inspector Lee Ho-dong told the Associated Press that the crash happened when band were returning to the South Korean capital after filming a TV interview in the south-eastern city of Daegu.

The van driver was

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Costa Concordia wreck enters Genoa port for salvage operation

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The wrecked Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, has entered the port of Genoa for scrapping after a two-year salvage operation.

Its removal was one of the biggest ever maritime salvage operations.

It limped into the port to be greeted by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and to the sound of ships’ horns blaring.

Worries that the damaged hull would disintegrate under the strain of the four-day, 280km (170-mile) journey from the disaster site proved unfounded.

“This is not a runway show. It’s the end of a story in which many people died, which none of us will ever forget,” Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said

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Lawyer insists photos of ‘scarred’ Claudine Barretto authentic

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Many Twitter users questioned the photos’ authenticity.

The lawyer, in one of his Twitter posts, said: “We are not making this up. The scars have been there all along. In conclusion, no woman would deliberately make herself ugly. Who inflicted them? I leave it to you guys.”

Last week, the actress, who claimed herself as a battered wife, had a photo shoot that showed severe wounds on her thighs, some are allegedly due to burns from cigarette butts.

Barretto said the photo was intended to raise awareness and help people who are in the same situation as her.

Meanwhile, the camp of her estranged husband Raymart Santiago, denied accusations that he was behind Barretto’s wounds and bruises.

In a story published on entertainment website, Santiago claimed the wounds and bruises the

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